((This is a multi-character/multi-ship blog. I have most of the other characters profiles listed down below.))

The main character used is: Darkiplier, who goes by the name of Dark right now.

On 1/22/2014 he acquired a pokemon. Here are the stats:

Litwick | ♀ | Lv.1
Moveset: Ember / Astonish

M!A: none


For anyone that was following me that was wondering where I’d gone, My laptop is acting like shit and won’t work too well for me and my grandmothers tablet, which I had been using, stopped charging. So I won’t be on for a while, sadly. I miss browsing tumblr :c

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Please reblog or like if you feel a teacher’s negative behaviour towards you has ever brought your grade down or caused you to lose interest in a class.

This would really help me with a research project I’m starting.


My seventh and eight grade science teacher is literally the reason I still hate the subject(and Im bad at it bc the years I had him really fucked over my abilities)